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About The Church of Fabulosity

The Church of Fabulosity was formed to bring more joy and fabulosity in this world. We have formed to combat the negativity, hate, and divisiveness that is becoming more and more prevalent in these times. Our spirits/souls/consciousness is suffering and people are hurting, and human decency and respect is diminishing. Our purpose is to support the mission of the church and encourage the upholding of the mission statement through ministerial acts of service through our ordained ministers. It’s time we celebrate our unique human experiences and the divine fabulousness that resides in each of us.

Our Mission

We believe in the celebration of our unique human experience. We believe that our divine purpose is to celebrate life, spread happiness, uplift others, do good, and drive equality and equity for all humans. We have formed the Church of Fabulosity to provide the ability for those that want to celebrate the divine fabulousness of life through ministerial acts of worship, marriages, blessing or how they choose to spread love and fabulosity! We believe that everyone has the ability to share the divine fabulousness of life so we invite and embrace everyone no matter their faith or spiritual beliefs.. We are a non-denominational church. We provide free minister ordinations to all that come to us and strive to live by these beliefs and vow to spread fabulousness, love, and kindness.


Ministerial Acts of Worship

Are you ready to become a minister of the Church of Fabulosity to help uplift others, spread happiness and joy and celebrate the divine birthright of fabulosity? Are you ready to do ministerial acts of fabulousness to drive equality and equity for all humans as a minister of the Church of Fabulosity?

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