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The Church of Fabulosity invites you to listen to the podcast that spreads the message of the church.  It is important that ministers of The Church listen and subscribe to the podcast so they can stay up to date on the messaging and inspirations from The Church and its guests. Minister La La hosts the podcast to guide you as we embark on this journey where we explore life, fabulousness, and the ways we can unleash, love, and celebrate our unique fabulosity!

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Minister La La introduces you to The Church of Fabulosity podcast and what to expect from this journey!

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Trigger Warning: This last month has been a traumatizing month for a lot of the LGBTQ+ community, our loved ones, and our allies.  I am providing a listener warning on this episode.  This episode we will talk about subjects that can be triggering to some.  We will discuss suicide, bullying, hate, violent acts, and death.  Please understand that sometimes we need to have these conversation.  If you are struggling with suicidal thoughts or depression we ask you to reach out to your loved ones, or professionals.  If you are an LGBTQ+ youth experiencing bullying, depression or need someone to reach out to, The Trevor Project  is always there to support you and listen to you.  The Trevor Project is an amazing organization and a designated charity of The Church of Fabulosity. 

Minster La La discusses the tragedy of the bullying and death of Nex Benedict with Tina Valenin Aguirre and Kylie Minono.  They speak of from their own perspectives of how this has affected them personally and what they have seen in the community.  The conversation is emotional, raw, and honest.  They touch of the transgender experience, trans joy, what brings them hope, and brings them fear.  But even though we the community is facing a lot of hate from a lot of political rhetoric there is still ways to spread joy, happiness and fabulosity for themselves and their families – biological and chosen!

Kylie Minono, (he/him/she/her) based in San Francisco, was elected Grand Duchess 39 with the Grand Ducal Council of San Francisco and has helped to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for local charities. She is also a highly sought-after entertainer throughout California and was crowned Miss Star Search 2015.  In her professional life she works in the nonprofit sector in fundraising and philanthropic services. She has served on the board of directors for Folsom Street Events and the GLBT Historical Society. 


Tina Valentin Aguirre (they/them):  Tina holds a BA in Communication from Stanford University, has worked in non-profit grant writing for more than three decades, served as Chair of the Board of Directors for the GLBT Historical Society for four years and has made documentaries, produced arts festivals, and is a published poet. Tina curated the Chosen Familias exhibition on LGBTQ Latine family photo albums (June-October 2019) at the GLBT Historical Society Museum. They have served as the Cultural District Director of the Castro LGBTQ Cultural District since 2020; the district uses racial, gender, and queer equity frameworks to center LGBTQ people, places, and culture in the Castro

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The Trevor Project
Suicide Prevention Hotline:  Dial 988
Drag Out the Vote

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Fabulosity Behind the Spotlight with Kentrell Charles - A Black History Month Conversation

Minister La La sits down to talk to Kentrell Charles about his journey being a black gay man.  From Tennessee to Utah, Kentrell’s journey has been one of joy, serving, fabulosity, and discrimination.  All of this from his understanding of the differences of his being a black first, a man, and a gay man following.  This is a conversation about friendship, serving others, being humble, and most importantly vulnerable truth!

Kentrell Charles is a Retired Flight Attendant from American Airlines. He servedat American as a flight attendant/ and instructor evaluator with over 20 years’. He was born and raised in Johnson City, Tennessee. In his youth years, he enjoyed playing a variety of sports,such as basketball, tennis, running and wiffleball.  IN his teen years he focused on tennis and music. He still enjoys running as an adult and has picked up cycling.
He currently live in Salt Lake City, UT  with his partner. He enjoys the great outdoors, but most of all skiing. 
Kentrell is a philanthropist and gives back to many organizations in various ways. Such as National MS Society Idaho, Nevada, Utah where he is current sitting board member, Sundance Film Festival, and many others. He is also a certified phlebotomist who worked with transplant patience in a trauma unit. Working for the airlines he fell in love with experiencing the world through travel and food. 

He is also an ordained minister of the church of fabulosity. 

Fabulosity by Design with Terrance Williams - A Black History Month Conversation

Minister La La sits down with Terrence Williams and they discuss his spiritual journey as a black queer man.  They discuss the intersectionality of being queer, black, and man and how those identities individually and together shape his life, his spiritual experiences, and his fabulosity.   This is a deep and truthful conversation highlighting a Black voice during Black History Month.
February is Black History Month.  At The Church of Fabulosity part of our beliefs is that we strive for an equitable world because we believe that all humans are created equal: all sexes, all races, all genders, all sexual orientations, all ages, and all abilities!  All means all! 

So, during Black History Month we want to make sure, that as one of our guests so eloquently stated, bring Black History to the forefront of consciousness this month. With that we are lifting the voices of some of our Black community members to discuss their perspective, history, and their unique fabulosity and how as a Black human it shapes all of those aspects. 

These are some inspiring, thought provoking conversations that I hope increases your perspective and understanding of the Black human experience.  I hope these also inspire you to take some time this month to dig in and purposely learn something new.  Learn Black History from Black voices from their perspective of their history throughout February and even throughout the year.. 

Terrence Williams is a person who truly values spiritual wellness and often looks to meditation, tarot, and other practices to remain grounded and self reflective. His hobbies include gaming, making art, and traveling this beautiful planet we call home to experience as much culture and life as possible. Professionally, Terrence makes a living as a design manager and creative storyteller currently based in Chicago, IL. He loves to concept and produce compelling and authentic brand narratives that force audiences to reconsider how they show up and give back to the world.

Fabulosity of The Church of Fabulosity with Minister La La and Guest Host - Natalija Pavic
Minister La La welcomes a guest host Natalija Pavic (she/her) to interview him about The Church of Fabulosity.  They discuss the first 6 months.  Minister La La’s learnings, challenges and how the church has been accepted.   Minister La La and Natalija really dig more into what is fabulosity, why is it so important and how can we experience it in our lives.

Natalija is an inventor, podcast host, and thought leader in technology. She grew up in Croatia living above an art gallery and immigrated to Canada at the age of 10. She speaks 5 languages though none fluently including English, Serbian, Italian, French and the present tense of Spanish. Natalija has founded and run several now defunct events companies in Toronto including Bad Habits Social for queer women which in 2018 hosted Toronto’s largest ever women’s pride party at the Fly. #IYKYK You can also find her poetry book at the Toronto public library which she self published at the age of 11, cause you know – what else is a kid learning english supposed to do but string together poorly formed sentences in a haiku? This made a lot more sense at the time~


Fabulosity With Your Favorite Breakfast Food Anya Bacon

Minister La La sits down with local drag queen Anya Bacon (she/they) to discuss their journey from being a “fat gay kid” in conservative Logan, Utah to a fabulous plus-sized drag queen in Salt Lake City.  She shares their story of their name and the work she does with Mosaics Community Bookstore and Venue in Provo, Utah and the Besties Drag Show.  You will have all the feels during this discussion!

Fabulosity From Changing Lives Through Books with Calvin Crosby

Minister La La sits down and talks with Calvin Crosby (he/him), co-owner of King’s English Bookshop in Salt Lake City, Utah.  They have a conversation of the power of books.  Not only for spreading knowledge, but driving equity and empathy.  The power a book has to change lives, change community, and change minds is both empowering and inspiring.  Come listen to hear the perspective of a man who has dedicated his life and career to putting books into everyone’s hands.

Fabulosity of Spiritual Masculinity with David Monticalvo

The month of November is Men’s Mental Health Month.  Minister La La is sitting down with people that identify as men to discuss men’s mental health, expectations, healing, and self-care practices to help them learn to celebrate their fabulosity.

Minister La La has a divine conversation with David Monticalvo (he/him) about Spiritual Masculinity.  During this conversation they touch on understanding what spiritual masculinity is and how it manifests in men and every gender.  What does it mean to be spiritual and gay men when so many times gay men and the LGBTQ+ community has experienced religious and spiritual trauma in life.  David dives into different masculine archetypes that show up in our the personalities of gay men and how they can use that to understand their divine purpose and behaviors.  This is a thought provoking discussion about how men’s mental health, spirituality and fabulosity can be so closely connected and thrive off each other.  

If you are experiencing a mental health crisis please reach out to get some help.   There is nothing shameful or negative about needing some help.  Mental health care is as important as physcial health care!  Start with dialing 988 and start the conversation today!

Fabulosity through Therapy

The month of November is Men’s Mental Health Month.  Minister La La is sitting down with people that identify as men to discuss men’s mental health, expectations, healing, and self-care practices to help them learn to celebrate their fabulosity. 

Minister La La talks with Andrew Jorgensen (he/him) about his mental health journey.  Andrew grew up in a small seaside town in California.  Growing up gay and a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (aka Mormon), serving a religious mission, attending Brigham Young University and ultimately entering into a long term committed relationship before coming out sent Andrew on a journey of self-discovery.  This journey has a lot of ups and downs.  Andrew is very open, honest and vulnerable in this discussion about therapy, and self-discovery.  The struggles of being a 38 year old man without a knowledge of self-worth, self-confidence, and a struggle to discover who he was an individual.

Get a blanket, a cup of tea, snuggle up and enjoy this conversation.  It is a good one. 

If you are in need of someone to talk to or going through a mental health crisis, don’t delay, call 988 or reach out to a friend or loved one.  As Andrew states, “just do it, start therapy.”

The Fabulosity of Rusty! A Men's Mental Health Month Episode With Rusty Cummings

The month of November is Men’s Mental Health Month.  Minister La La is sitting down with people that identify as men to discuss men’s mental health, expectations, healing, and self-care practices to help them learn to celebrate their fabulosity. 

In this episode Minister La La sits down with his long time friend Rusty Cummings (he/him).  Rusty is a retired gay man living in Palm Springs with his husband of 44 years!  They talk about how living in a place like Palm Springs as a gay man has really been a mental health blessing.  They discuss what he does to experience fabulosity and a very touching moment with his mother. 

If you are experiencing a mental health crisis please reach out to get some help.   There is nothing shameful or negative about needing some help.  Mental health care is as important as physcial health care!  Start with dialing 988 and start the conversation today!

Fabulosity Moment - A Letter from the Queen - A Book Reading

Minister La La is joined by a returning guest Tara Lipsyncki.  Tara just published her first book, a children’s book, called A Letter from The  Queen.  Tara reads us the book and then talks about it’s meaning, it’s background and some small insights into the book.  While this episode was really to discuss the book, the book accomplished with us, what Tara hopes it does with its readers…starts a conversation!
Tara and I took a journey to talk about the current state of the world, the attacks on draq queens, transgender community, and the LGBTQ+ community as a whole.  That lead us to a discussion on allyship and the difficulties of being an ally.

October Fabulous Updates

Minister La La provides some fabulous updates with the podcast for upcoming episodes

Royal Fabulosity with RCGSE Emporer XXII - Jeff Kosewski

Minister La La virtually sits down with his long time friend Royal Court of the Golden Spike Empire’s Emperor 22 Jeff Kosewski as they discuss how he found his passion and purpose in life which has helped him enjoy and experience his fabulosity!

The Fabulosity of Serving! - with Kylie Minono

Whether she is serving looks, serving some sass, or serving the community you can always know that it comes from a sense of love and spreading fabulosity.  Minister La La and Kylie Minono talk about her journey and delve into her love of working in non-profits, allyship, and her love of just serving others! Oh ,and how can you not love when she serves that laugh!

Please Note: This was the first podcast recording on a remote location. Of course we had some sound issues with being in a new place with new equipment.  Please forgive the sound quality even though it was edited to huge improvements.

The Fabulosity of Drag and Spirituality with Bonnie Violet Quintana - A Queer Chaplain

There is a misconception out there that drag artists and members of the LGBTQ+ community are not spiritual humans. That they have all turned their back on everything spiritual. Well, Bonnie Violet is here to dispel that myth and even change that narrative that drag in itself is a spiritual experience to some. And through that experience shines ones fabulosity.

The Fabulosity of My Mother

In this episode Minister La La pays tribute to his mother and some of the lessons she shared with him in his life. His mother passed away several years ago and he recorded this on her birthday.  He speaks of how she was his biggest cheerleader. He talks about the things that brought his mother the experience of fabulosity in her life. He shares how she taught him his most important life lesson and their final conversation.  

Fabulosity that Sparkles with Teinamarrie Scuderi!

Minister La La speaks with Teinamarrie Scuderi about finding that inner sparkle again through gratitude and play! How sparkling, gratitude, and enjoying time to just have play time lead to feeling and celebrating your fabulosity! We discuss giving back and working to uplift others and the joy and challenges of allyship.

Fabulosity from the Divine and Endowing Tara Lipsyncki

Minister La La sits down and speaks with the first Drag Queen ordained with The Church of Fabulosity. They speak about their history as a drag queen, what fabulosity means to them and why they became a minister of the church.

The Church of Fabulosity Exciting Updates!

Minister La La has some exciting updates! As we get ready to launch next week, we have some exciting news to share! Also, questions get answered!

Discover The Church of Fabulosity

Minister La La introduces you to The Church of Fabulosity. This episode gives you the insights into the divine birthright that we have as individuals to experience fabulosity in our lives, what it means, how to recognize it and celebrate it. Learn the mission and the tenets of The Church of Fabulosity! This is the start of the journey to recognizing, unleashing, and celebrating our divine fabulosity! 

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