About The Church of Fabulosity

The Church of Fabulosity was formed to bring more joy and fabulosity in this world. We have formed to combat the negativity, hate, and divisiveness that is becoming more and more prevalent in these times. Our spirits/souls/consciousness is suffering and people are hurting, and human decency and respect is diminishing.  Our purpose is to support the mission of the church and encourage the upholding of the mission statement through ministerial acts of service through our ordained ministers. It’s time we celebrate our unique human experiences and the divine fabulousness that resides in each of us.

We provide the platform, ordinations, and inspiration to our ministers, but our ministers act solely individually and based on their conscience to uphold the tenets of the church. They are individual actors and do not represent the Church in any legal or proxy way.

The Church of Fabulosity is incorporated in the state of Utah. We are also a recognized 501(c)3 Non-profit religious organization listed with the IRS.


Our Mission

We believe in the celebration of our unique human experience. We believe that our divine purpose is to celebrate life, spread happiness, uplift others, do good, and drive equality and equity for all humans. We have formed the Church of Fabulosity to provide the ability for those that want to celebrate the divine fabulousness of life through ministerial acts of worship, marriages, blessing or how they choose to spread love and fabulosity!  We believe that everyone has the ability to share the divine fabulousness of life so we invite and embrace everyone no matter their faith or spiritual beliefs.. We are a non-denominational church. We provide free minister ordinations to all that come to us and strive to live by these beliefs and vow to spread fabulousness, love, and kindness.

This is The Church of Fabulosity logo.

Beliefs and Tenets

We are not a hierarchy and require no devotion to the leadership of the church; all members are equal just as our belief that all people are created equal. We aim to guide, inspire, and provide support. All ministers of the Church of Fabulosity are individuals and act on their own accord.

We do not seek profits and donate all proceeds over operating costs to nonprofits that fit our beliefs.

 We use self-expression of dress, dance, music, and artistry to celebrate our uniqueness, fabulousness, and divine birth rights.

We worship and celebrate wherever we are called or welcomed, we do not have permanent houses of worship. We worship in public spaces, and in private venues.

We build and lift up the least of our neighbors and community through acts, words, and allyship.. We act and drive to be fabulous and our full authentic selves!

We believe that all humans are created equal: all sexes, all races, all genders, all sexual orientations, all ages and all abilities! All means all!

In the end it all comes down to be kind, strive for an equitable world and always be fabulous!

Meet Minister La La (he/him)

Minister La La the founder and President of The Church of Fabulosity has been an ordained minister with the Universal Life Church for the last 11 years.  Before being a minister for the Universal Life Church he was a former member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  Being raised in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints he was raised in a Christian household.  He later served a proselytizing mission for the LDS church in Thailand.  He later removed his name from the records of the LDS church.  He has been on his own spiritual journey never fully believing in the religious dogma he was raised with.  However, having experienced too many things in his life to say that there is not something more out there than we understand, he considers himself agnostic and on the verge of atheist.  However, he believes we have something bigger inside of us.  An energy, spirit, soul, or whatever you want to call it that in it’s own right has a divine quality.  This manifests through our experiences in life specifically when we experience joy and happiness in this life.  This joy and happiness he calls Fabulosity.  Fabulosity is a divine birth right in this life to experience.  We all experience fabulosity uniquely in our lives.

With the current state of this world it was clear that we needed something to help spread more positivity, happiness, and joy in this world.  He along with several friends and family members created The Church of Fabulosity to do just that! 

Minister La La does not consider himself any type of prophet, seer, or revelator.  He is simply a man with a belief and a philosophy and sees himself as a facilitator of the conversation and guide on helping us all on our journey of fabulosity. 

Listen to The Church of Fabulosity podcast to learn more about how we do this and get inspiration on how you can unlock the fabulosity that resides within us!

An image of Minister La La contemplating thoughts while sitting at a street cafe. He's wearing a fedora, a red shirt and holding his glasses.
Minister LaLa at a ski resort holding a rainbow fan, rainbow fuzzy sleeves, and a rainbow tutu.
This is The Church of Fabulosity logo.
The official logo of The Church of Fabulosity. A group of flamingoes is a flamboyance. The flamingo is embracing a gender neutral crown with love. The flamingo has many meanings and symbolism from embracing your quirks and idiosyncrasies and celebrating your uniqueness to recognizing the joy and beauty in life. Which fits perfectly into beliefs of The Church of Fabulosity! The crown symbolizing the divine birthrights we have to experience the fabulosity of life through our self-expression dance, music, dress, artistry and uplifting others.